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Turning Dreams into Reality: Your Ultimate Guide to Crafting the

Picture this: your toes sinking into plush carpets, sunlight streaming through elegantly draped windows, and the unmistakable aroma of a gourmet kitchen. Owning a home isn’t just about having a roof over your head; it’s about creating a haven that mirrors your wildest dreams. So, let’s embark on a journey through the exhilarating world of […]

New BASIX Regulations

So, there are some new updates to the BASIX or Building Sustainability Index rules in New South Wales, Australia that will be rolling out this October 1st 2023. These changes focus on enhancing the energy efficiency and sustainability of residential buildings and all about making homes more energy-efficient and ecofriendly. Let’s break down what each […]

8 Factors to Consider while Selecting the Materials for your Construction Project


A good design is achievable only with quality materials and, hence, materials are the key to a good functioning building. The materials used in construction have a significant impact on its quality. The building materials you will pick will define the overall durability, endurance, and personality of the building.   So, one should be cautious and […]

Why Build Green

BENEFITS ENVIRONMENTAL Enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems Improve air and water quality Reduce waste streams Conserve and restore natural resources ECONOMIC Reduce operating costs Create, expand, and shape markets for green product and services Improve occupant productivity Optimize life-cycle economic performance SOCIAL Enhance occupant comfort and health Heighten aesthetic qualities Minimize strain on local […]

Tekton’s Guide to A Smooth Building Process

tektons guide

Guide To A SMOOTH BUILDING PROCESS TO FURTHER HELP YOU WITH YOUR DREAM HOME OR OFFICE, HERE ARE THE 7 POINT COMMERCIAL BUILDING PROCESS THAT YOU CAN EXPECT TEKTON BUILDING GROUP. OUR GUIDANCE ALL THROUGHOUT We’ll forge a collaborative partnership to create a successful venture that will meet and even exceed your expectations. When challenges arise, we’ll […]

Tekton’s 6 point check

tekton 6 point check

TEKTON’S 6 POINT CHECK FOR YOUR NEXT COMMERCIAL FIT OUT ASK YOURSELF THE BIG QUESTION Before beginning your new fit-out, you should know what you want. Ask yourself the following questions: Why do you need a new office? What kind of fit-out do you want? Where will your new office be? KNOW YOUR BUDGET & […]

Tekton Subdivision Checklist


Obtain a quote from a licensed land surveyor for the sub-division documentation & site survey works. (2 lot, 3 lot, 4 lot etc, strata title) Email a copy of site plan and floor plans to the land Surveyor Once demolition is finished have the land Surveyor set out building lines and Subdivision lines on site, […]

Quality Control in Inspections


We can provide quality control inspections at all stages of construction during both commercial and residential construction projects.

Dual Occupancy Developments


Dual Occupancy Developments Its Benefits & Considerations For the past few years, many individuals and families have been investing in dual occupancy property with reasons such as the size of land, additional income stream for rental, uplift equity and daily lifestyle changes. With prices rising up on daily commodities, Dual Occupancy Property Development seems to […]

Do Green buildings Cost More

house extension

The reality is that there’s no single answer to that question. Costs can vary significantly from one project to the next depending on a range of factors. But experts agree that, while green isn’t free, it doesn’t have to break the budget when compared with conventional buildings on a first-cost basis.