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Adding 2nd Storey vs Extending


1. A Question of cost The first question that any renovator needs to ask is ‘what’s my budget’. If it’s tight, the balance should tilt in favor of extending. That’s because adding an extra storey usually requires serious structural work. For starters, you’ll need to take the roof off and put it back on again. […]

5 things before building a kitchen

kitrchen design

5 THINGS THAT YOU NEED TOCONSIDER BEFORE BUILDING A KITCHEN KEEP YOUR OUTLAY IN SYNC WITH YOUR HOME For budgeting purposes, figure about 30% on Cabinets, 14% on appliances, 10% on countertops, 5% on lighting, 4% on plumbing fixtures, 2% to 3% on paint, 1% to2% on tiles, and 35% on construction costs such as […]

20 Things To Know Before You Build

20 things toknow before you buy house

Select your builder and negotiate the terms building contract price. Remember to allow for variations and contingencies on top of the contract price.Address any potential site drainage issues before you start building. If your building site is flat, has obvious damp patches or is located in an old suburb, it may have some storm water drainage issues and these must be dealt with before you start building your new house.