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Adding 2nd Storey vs Extending


1. A Question of cost

The first question that any renovator needs to ask is ‘what’s my budget’. If it’s tight, the balance should tilt in favor of extending. That’s because adding an extra storey usually requires serious structural work. For starters, you’ll need to take the roof off and put it back on again. Then there’sthe costof scaffolding, as well as the extra strengthening that may be needed to take the weight. After all, many houses, especially new builds and project homes aren’t built to take another floor.

2. A Question of convenience

Another factor working strongly in favour of extending is that it is often less disruptive. Because adding an extra storey involves taking the roof off your home, chances are you’ll have to move out – at least while some of the renovation happens.




3. A Question of space

Where going up really has it over going out is when it comes to saving space. Unless you have a spacious backyard, extending means your outside space is going to end up a whole lot more cramped. For that reason extending makes a lot of sense on a large suburban block or semi- rural property. But it’s probably not evenan option if you have an inner-city pad on a small plot of land.

4. A Question of outlook

Then, of course, there’s the view. What lies beyond your back fence or your neighbor’s walls?

5. A Question of Taste

Finally, a lot of the decision to go up or out will probably come down to the home you’re in, the block it’s on and, of course, your own personal preferences.