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New BASIX Regulations

So, there are some new updates to the BASIX or Building Sustainability Index rules in New South Wales, Australia that will be rolling out this October 1st 2023. These changes focus on enhancing the energy efficiency and sustainability of residential buildings and all about making homes more energy-efficient and ecofriendly. Let’s break down what each of these points means:
For the roof, it’s got to have at least R6.0 insulation from the previous minimum insulation level of R3.0. This helps stop the heat from messing with your comfort, whether it’s hot or cold outside. Adequate roof insulation helps prevent heat from entering the building during hot weather and escaping during cold weather, contributing to energy savings and better comfort indoors.
First off, when it comes to the walls on the outside of the house, they need to have at least R2.5 insulation from the previous minimum of R1.5 for external wall insulation. This level refers to the thermal resistance of the insulation material. This aims to improve the building’s thermal performance by reducing heat transfer through the walls, that’s like a shield that keeps the heat out in summer and the warmth in during winter!
Starting this October, they are suggesting that light-colored roofs are the way to go! Light colors reflect the sun’s rays and keep the place cooler compared to darker materials, which is great for staying comfortable without cranking up the air conditioning. Using light roof colors helps to reduce the heat absorbed by the building, especially during sunny days which, then, can contribute to lower cooling energy requirements in warmer climates.
From the past year, the requirement for windows was standard. But now, with the changes, if you’re building a one-story place, take note that the bedroom windows should have this special Low E glass. It’s like magic glass that keeps the heat from getting in too much. “Low E” refers to lowemissivity glass, which has a special coating that helps to reflect heat while allowing light to pass through. And in the living room, go for double-glazed windows – they’re super at keeping things cozy. For those going with a two-story setup, the rule is double-glazing for all the windows, except for those in bathrooms. Double glazing just means having two layers of glass with a space in between. Using double-glazed windows enhances insulation and energy efficiency which is awesome for keeping the inside temperature just right and saving energy. New BASIX Regulations as of October 1, 2023 www.tektonbuildinggroup.com.au Overall, these changes are all about making homes greener, more efficient, and comfortable to live in. Just remember, if you’re getting ready to build or renovate, keeping up with these updates will help you create a super energy-smart and sustainable home in New South Wales. It’s important for builders, developers, and homeowners to be aware of these changes to ensure compliance with BASIX regulations and to create more energy-efficient and sustainable homes. What are your thoughts on these changes?

Wondering about BASIX and why it matters?

BASIX, or the Building Sustainability Index, is a set of rules for new builds in NSW. It’s all about being eco-friendly and comfy in your new home. It sets goals for water, energy use, and home comfort. But meeting these standards can be a bit tricky – they consider your land and design. Here’s the deal: Before we start building, we’ve got to prove we’re following BASIX. We need a BASIX certificate to show we’re on track. This certificate is a requirement for both CDC and DA builds. It’s how we show we’re serious about making your home awesome and green.