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Tekton Subdivision Checklist

  • Obtain a quote from a licensed land surveyor for the sub-division documentation & site survey works. (2 lot, 3 lot, 4 lot etc, strata title)
  • Email a copy of site plan and floor plans to the land Surveyor
  • Once demolition is finished have the land Surveyor set out building lines and Subdivision lines on site, prior to starting any building works
  • At the Frame Stage of building, the land Surveyor must re-visit the building site to check building set out and sub-division lines. (Note: Subdivision lines must be within +/- 5mm)
  • The land Surveyor then produces all the documents required for the town planning application, all documents need to be signed by property owners prior to being lodged at Council by the Owner
  • The developer or property owner must pay all fees for the new services, such as sewer, water, underground power, S.W. drainage levy plus Council open space / development levy (if applicable)
  • The developer or the land Surveyor needs to apply to Council rates department in writing for preferred Street numbering of units or sub-divided land
  • Approx. 2-3 months after lodging the application the Council will approve and “Certify” the plan of subdivision and post the “hard copy” of the certified plan back to the land Surveyor who then forwards it on to the property owner
  • This original“hardcopy”ofthe certifiedplan andaccompanyingsurveyingnotes etc.needtobe hand delivered to the developer’s Solicitor with cheque for Titles Office (approx.$350.00) who then prepares and Lodges the plan of subdivision with the Titles Office
  • Acopy of Certified Plan of Subdivision also needs to be sent to theBank financing the development. (if applicable)
  • Once building work is completed–including landscaping and once the final building Inspection is passed; the “Occupancy Permit” must be lodged with the Council
  • Some Councils also require a separate landscaping inspection upon completion
  • Once all requirements by council have been satisfied,the council will issue the“Statement of Compliance”
  • The “Statement of Compliance” then must be lodged with the Titles Office by the Solicitor
  • Approx. 2 weeks after the Titles Office receives the Statement of Compliance it will issue the new– separate titles for the subdivided land– copies are usually issued to the Solicitor and the Bank
  • Once the bank and solicitor receive the new land titles, settlement of properties that have been sold can take place

Summary of Sub-Division Fees to be paid:

1. Surveyors Fee

2. Town Planning Application Fee

3. New Services fees and levies

4. Council open space / development levy (3 lots or more only)

5. Titles Office Lodgment Fee 6. Solicitor’s Fees